My whole heart belongs to you (3 month update)

by lovelysimply

When I first held my slippery, perfect baby, the thought of him being three months old seemed impossible. So far away, and in a different world. Do you know what I mean? But here we are. And it’s wonderful. Redmond is everything I could have ever longed for and so much more. He has changed so much in this past month. When I pick him up, he wraps his little hand around my neck and clutches me. When I go into him in the morning, he kicks his legs in glee and smiles so big it fills his whole face. He sleeps through the night now, from 8:30 to 6:30, and then after his morning nurse, he goes back down for another hour. He takes two “real” naps a day, along with cat naps during drives or runs or walks depending on our day. 

 he laughs with abandon, sometimes just from the sight of me coming towards him. He holds onto his toys, and explores his hands and feet. He will lay underneath the little play gym Nick made for him and entertain himself for long periods of time, just holding onto the little forest creatures. He loves his books, and tries to turn the pages and is sometimes successful.  

 He is so strong, and doesn’t fight Tummy time anymore. He looks proud and excited when he lifts himself up, and the three times he rolled over, he looked at me like he’d just solved world hunger. And we were both pretty thrilled about it.  

 He can sit up with a little help, and he keeps his hands folded together all of the time. In his mouth, on his chest– his hands are his favorite toy. And after that comes his Sophie giraffe. He loves me and his daddy so much that sometimes I cry from happiness, holding his little body close, wondering how in the world I got so lucky. He is my angel baby.  

 thank you to My robeez for these adorable shoes by the way. It’s chilly here now, and we never leave the house without shoes on. Redmond loves to kick them over his head, but he can’t get these ones off. They are so soft and so cute and he loves wearing them.  

 If you want to get a head start on Christmas shopping, head over to their  Site and get 20% off with the code BABYREDSTYLE for the next two weeks. The prices are already super decent so it’s a pretty great deal. I’ll be nabbing a few more pairs myself. 

I love being a mother. It is the most rewarding job that fills me with contentment and purpose. I love him. I love our family.

Wolf shoes c/o Robeez but all opinions are my own.