One skirt, Two Times

by lovelysimply

 I think I like this second look with my Denim skirt even more than my first. We had a divine and curious (climate change??) spat of warm weather last week. Like mid seventies. I think it was kind of everywhere in the north east/mid Americas… But that’s basically unheard of in our neck of the tundra…I mean woods. It was fabulous, but I was happy to get cozy this past Sunday in my plaids and tights. I feel like this outfit is ALL the fall things and it’s maybe gaggable (not a word) but I love it. 

We had a dreamy Sunday, my little family and I. We slept in, ate breakfast in bed (which I made…I wish we had a house elf but we are muggles and not wealthy so even if we were a wizarding family we wouldn’t have a house elf), took a crisp, cool run, went to church (the first time in a while) and then to a late lunch to watch the patriots game.  


Redmond was an angel baby the whole day. He sat through church and chewed on his Sophie giraffe, then intently watched the Colts game, to our horror…wrong screen buddy. And WRONG TEAM. We reminded him of where his loyalties must lie by raising his little fists and chanting “go Tom go” because he’s a New Englander with Massachusetts blood running through his tiny veins so he’d better get on board. Could I ramble all day? I could. This outfit was cozy. The day was wonderful. Goodbye.

Sweater and scarf: old navy (last year)

Diaper bag: Rotunda

Skirt: c/o