Weekends go too fast

by lovelysimply

 Sometimes I feel sooo lame on the weekends. I mean, I am 28 years old, and on Friday night we went to bed at like…9:30. A few weeks ago Nick wanted to go out with me and Red to watch the Patriots game and when he told me it started at 8 I was like…will I be awake at 8? I can’t be sure. We didn’t go. Because 8 was just too late.  

 It’s embarrassing. But Nick works a lot, and being a mom (along with my other out of home activities) is exhausting, even when your baby is generally easy and generally sleeps all night. You mommies out there with the bad sleepers and long criers? You are all super women. Seriously. 

 Anyway. This past Friday we made margaritas and sipped them after Red went down while watching a movie about J.K. Rowling (wild, I know.) I wore that ultra cozy look above all day and felt like I was in my pajamas BUT WASNT so that’s a success. 

Sunday I edged it up a little with a leather jacket and we went to The Thirsty Moose to watch football. They have my favorite cider on tap there (Down East cider) along with about a million beers, and we split a calzone and the Patriots won and Redmond enjoyed himself immensely so yeah, it was a great day. And yes, we were in bed by 8.  

One more of Nick teaching Redmond some football tactics.

Grey cardigan c/o Bae the Label

Black dress c/o Bae the Label

Both maternity and post baby suitable (the best)