Redmond John

by lovelysimply

 Eleven weeks old. My infant is eleven weeks old. Eleven weeks ago I was just a giant belly and now my whole heart and being are wrapped up in this precious child. 

Redmond is such a joy. He is a joy to us, to his grandparents, to his auntie and cousin (as they are to us). He is full of smiles, and when I pick him up from his crib in the morning and he grins and coos at me, I want to cry it makes me so happy. He is generous with those smiles and will give them to the old women at the gym that come to say hello to him, to the children next door that run to greet us when we get home. He is so talkative and discovers new sounds every day that he experiments with. Little gurgles and squeals and pops and I am thrilled by each one. 

  He sleeps in his crib in his bedroom, and is amazing at falling asleep and staying asleep. We put him down between 8:30 and 9:00 and he sleeps typically for 7-8 hours. When he wakes up, he nurses for 15 minutes and then goes right back to sleep. It is an amazing thing to sleep well again, and we are lucky and I hope it lasts.

He is already 14.5 pounds, and over 2 feet long. He’s growing out of all his 3-6 month clothing and shows no sign of slowing down even though I desperately want him to. I want him to stay little, for him to never lose that look of love when he stares up at me, for his little hands to always grip mine, for him to always nuzzle his head into my neck. 

 He started laughing this week. It is magical. When nick comes home from work, we have play time together and Redmond laughs hysterically when his daddy zooms him around and tickles his cheeks. I laugh hysterically too because there is nothing better than watching your baby discover joy.  

 He is strong, and easy going and generally only fussy when he bypasses his long naps and opts for cat naps. He’s easy to take places, and likes to people watch at restaurants and stores. He loves his cousin and wants to watch her everywhere she toddles. He thinks everything she does is hilarious, and I’m so glad he’s already building a bond with her, since they are only one year and two days apart (to be precise). 

When he is upset he sticks his bottom lip out in the most perfect and exaggerated pout and it is adorable. He does it in his sleep sometimes.

He loves to have books read to him (Hippos go Berserk is his current favorite) and to listen to songs sung to him. He likes sucking on his fingers and his clothes and anything else he can manage.

We love him. That is all. 

Adorable legging c/o Vanilla Bean Handmade

Hey mama shirt c/o Teddy and Bear Prints

Denim top Old Navy