Hey Bae Bae

by lovelysimply

 So, it’s freezing today. Like frost on the car, dead tomato plants, see your breath cold. Because, oh yeah, we live in Maine. And Maine  is freezing. 

Last week it was a lot warmer and my sister and I took our babies to the pumpkin patch to choose our jack-o-lanterns. I always want to carve one, and my skills never improve but it’s worth it because crunching through the patch was wonderful, and smelling the wafting scent of apple cider donuts amped it to the NEXT level. Obvi if I had been clutching a pumpkin spice latte (omg omg) then THAT would have been the epitome. But some of us are on a coffee budget.  

 I got a hair cut last week after helming and hawing over it for like five months…but I figured that eventually my hair will start shedding due to being post baby so I just took the plunge. And I’m loving it. I have been rapid fire pinning hairstyle to do with short hair on Pinterest. 


I know Red looks mad here but it’s just because he is exploring the world of fake crying, and this mama ignores those shenanigans. 

 I bought almost no maternity clothing while pregnant because I didn’t want to have a bunch of clothing I couldn’t use anymore post baby. So, I really loved finding pieces that could work post pregnant as well. This dress and cardigan from the new maternity company Bae the label are still super cute without a baby bump and the fabric is so soft it’s insane. Perfect for a mild fall day. 

Dress and Cardigan c/o Bae the label