Columbus Day in New England

by lovelysimply

Last year, Nick and I had a romantic weekend hiking and eating our way through winter island and bar harbor in Maine. This year, Columbus Day weekend was a bit more low key (and low budget) with a relaxing trip to visit family. It was perfect. I was able to take super long showers while my mother in law watched Redmond, and we ate high on the hog for every meal at nicks parents and my aunts. We also maintained our (now) tradition of a foliage filled hike at Mount Watatic. We went with the family and a crew of dogs, and it was amazing. The air was perfectly crisp but not too cold. The trail was not overcrowded, and the view from the top was pristine.  

 New England is almost achingly pretty during the autumn and I feel lucky to be inundated with the brilliant colors as the trees turn. The mornings are darker, the days are shorter, but my baby boy is a snuggle bug and I have been baking like crazy so it’s all right by me. 

 It was Reds first real hike (we walk a woods trail regularly but it doesn’t count) and he loved it. He slept some and watched some and was an all around darling baby. 




I have been back to the gym the past few weeks, and it can be discouraging some days because my abs are weaker, and I still have to be careful about impact due to my troubles with mastitis. And my tummy isn’t like it used to be yet, and most days I don’t care but sometimes I do. It’s all a process, and I remind myself often that my body created this precious child of mine and that is in itself miraculous. It’s hard to believe it’s been ten whole weeks since our family became one of three. The most beautiful, fascinating, overwhelming, magical ten weeks of my life. I wouldn’t trade it to go back to my flat stomach. Not in a million years.