Days with Baby

by lovelysimply


This past Saturday was my first (half) day away from Red. My first time  pumping in the car, and his first time solo with daddy for more than an hour or two. Luckily he loves his dad and they were happy as clams. I came home to a clean house, washed laundry, and a cheerful baby. I’m a lucky woman. 
But I was thrilled to bundle him onto me when I got home and go for a cool, early autumn stroll. He falls asleep upon contact with this wrap right now. Personally, I love that it looks great with a fall outfit…


 I’ve been on my own this week, with my husband away of a field trip with school. He’s been missing us so much, and I’ve  been counting down to his return. I’ve also been attempting to establish some sort of nap routine with Red…not easy. He is a PRO (right now) at his bedtime routine and falls asleep on his own and sleeps about 6.5 hours straight with just one night nurse before I wake up. But naps he struggles with. He rarely takes one longer than an hour. Any tips? 

 Anyway, Nick comes home in a half hour and we are going on a family date to our favorite pizza place. Granted I’m in my gym clothes with a baby sleeping on me right now but I’ll pull it together. 

Outfit: all old 

Ring sling c/o Joho baby