Gingham and Pumpkins

by lovelysimply


  Red had a tough week. Between the beginnings of early teething and the onslaught of his first cold, he was fussy and cranky and that made me tired and sad. So by Friday, I was in need of some sister/niece time. Lucky for us, they live right near a gorgeous farm that was like a fall explosion. It was just what we needed. Red was happy looking around and watching his cousin (whom he is obsessed with and vice versa), and I got to have grown up conversation and hot cider and donuts.  

Consign Trilogy gave me this gorgeous vintage gingham circle skirt while I was pregnant. I remember looking at the waist and thinking, I hope I EVER have a waist again to wear pieces like this… Luckily the woman’s body is a wonder, and I was so excited to wear it this week! 


The weather has been incredibly beautiful, and just cool enough for Red to wear his adorable fox hat from Cozy Nooks. They’re offering my readers 20% off with the code HANNAHJOY if you want a darling hat for your little. But be quick cause the code only lasts until the 30th!

Anyway. I’m tired and getting a cold so I’m off to eat hot soup and drink warm cider.

Skirt:c/o Consign trilogy

Top: forever 21 (old)

Reds outfit: old navy

Reds hat: cozy nooks