What’s in YOUR diaper bag?

by lovelysimply



Hands down the item I spent THE most time searching for, besides Reds crib quilt, was a diaper bag that looked classy, not tacky, and that was affordable. Luckily  Little unicorn had both a perfect diaper bag AND a quilt. I always feel like one heck of a stylish mom prancing about with this bag even if I’m wearing jeans and a t shirt and my moccasins… Cause it’s almost mocc season again! I don’t actually prance either by the way. Anyway, I’m a very disorganized person and my purse is usually a horrific and humiliating disaster… So I’ve been working really hard to keep my diaper bag under control so I can find what I need when I need it.  

 To make sure I don’t forget something (always likely) these items, minus the carrier, never leave my bag. In the first photo you can see my carrier hanging up (it’s a baby k’tan) which I bring everywhere in case of a baby meltdown or to make things like shopping easier. I have my burp shawl (printed), my nursing cover (navy blue), my changing pad, a change of clothes for baby Red ( he had his first blowout today at my sisters) and I keep diapers and wipes in the cloth case. I also have his pacifier, and then my stuff… Wallet and make up so I can feel like a Real Girl when I realize I forgot to put mascara on and I look like I’m asleep still.  

 Also, with all the nursing and our long walks we take every day, hunger hits me suddenly and hard. I don’t really ever feel hunger “pains”, I just tend to get suddenly exhausted and weak…so I try to keep a snack handy. I love granola bars, but want them homemade with ingredients that can be found in real life and that I can pronounce…so I like the bars from Oat mama and Heat and go. After eating them, boxes granola bars taste like cardboard. Which, have you ever eaten cardboard? Me neither. I don’t know why that comparison exists. 

For fall and winter, I’m definitely swooning over the lust worthy diaper bags from Mina Baie. They are gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous actually… Red thinks so too.  

Happy weekend everyone! Thanks for reading! 

Burp shawl c/o Burp necessity

Nursing cover c/o Nuroo Baby

Oat mama bars c/o Oat mama

(But I’m dead serious about loving all these products!)