Summers Dog Days

by lovelysimply

These  have been the doggiest of days, although if you asked my poor neglected and oft scorned dog she would disagree. Poor Lupe. It’s hard to be suddenly replaced by a tiny tyrant (which is how she views the little human that showed up) and have daddy go back to work and be stuck home with mom AND for it to be so hot out that we can only walk early in the morning. Lupe is an incredibly good dog, and gentle with Red, but I feel like a god awful dog mom because I’m so filled up with love for my son and husband these days  that I don’t have much room left for my pup. Hopefully that will change soon as I get more used to mommyhood. 

 (Our daily morning ritual. Lupe refused to look at the camera because she is practicing her right to rebel.)

Anyway, yesterday we went to Newburyport for a lunch date with a dear friend and dessert with my sister and niece. 

 I wore this bright pink dress (with shorts underneath cause it’s pretty close to a shirt…) and stuck my hair up and ate a mango-matcha chocolate dipped Popsicle and sweat profusely. 

I also wore my lariat necklace that you can barely see, it’s so delicate, which I love. It came in this months Rocksbox package and I’m pretty into it.

 The babies dealt with the heat in their own ways. Red passed out during tummy time and Aurelia covered herself in Popsicle. 

Dress: Sheinside

Shoes: f21, old

Diaper bag: Rotunda