One Month and an Envie de Fraises Dress

by lovelysimply

So I’ve been a mom for over a month. A month and two days to be exact. These days it’s real good… Now that the Trials of the Breasts are (hopefully) behind us. Red is a good baby. A good sleeper (for now) and a good little companion when he’s awake. I miss him when he naps sometimes because I just want to be holding him. Then other times I’m so glad that he is sleeping so I can wash dishes or make lunch or clean our room easily.  

 I watched a video of someone and their newborn yesterday while Red nursed on me, the two of us lying curled into each other, his little hands holding onto me in just this perfect, instinctive way, and I cried a little. I already miss those initial days– holding him to my chest, investigating his features for the first time, his tiny toes, his delicate fingers. He’s such a baby now, so much bigger already–he’s outgrown some of his 0-3 month clothing, and gets longer overnight it seems sometimes. His personality is developing, at least to me. He seems thoughtful, a little serious, always curious to quietly observe his surroundings.  


We do normal things. Little things to keep our toes grounded. Coffee in the morning. Long walks. I am desperate to be working out again, but have been directed to stick with low impact until the mastitis is gone gone gone. Today we went to a bakery together, and he was alert and watching everyone around us. I felt painfully proud to be his mama. A dear friend came by for a luxuriously long visit, and we talked and laughed while Red watched and listened, or nursed on me (or peed on me). And you know? Life is a beautiful thing.

Dress: c/o Envie de Fraises (maternity friendly, and adaptable to breastfeeding after pregnancy!)

Shoes: target (old)