Baby baby baby

by lovelysimply

Are you ready for way more photos of a baby than you bargained for? Cause I can’t stop with this guy. He is so alert and fun lately–AND he’s sleeping about four hours at a time at night. Which means I’m rested enough to actually enjoy his cuteness.    

I absolutely adore snuggling him… He’s a pretty independent baby but about once a day (usually afternoon) he wants to be held, and this Nuroo pocket shirt is ideal for it. He’s falls asleep right away, and I can cook or clean which is what I’m typically doing around his snuggle hour.   

I’ve been slowly getting the hang of (and becoming comfortable with) public nursing… It’s not the easiest because I still have to use a stupid nipple shield because God forbid my nipples cooperate and now baby red is reliant on the shield… Everyone keeps telling me he will eventually be able to switch but so far he has zero interest every time I try. Anyway I imagine THAT was far too much information… What I was going to say is I am accumulating a good amount of nursing covers and  This one I love because it’s soooo soft. And super versatile.  

 Also when you forget to bring a blanket on your evening walk and it’s a little chilly, it doubles as a great blanket. 

Redmond has been generally napping less during the day, which makes it fun but also harder to get stuff done. Today my husband had to work super early, and Red decided to opt out of napping for the morning and opt into the constant desire to nurse… Thankfully he always sleeps on walks so I took him on an hour long one. But, I didn’t manage to shower or dress or drink my coffee till after 1:00… Swaddling him at night works like a charm though, and he generally falls asleep on his own. Soon he’ll be transferring into his crib and out of our room. I put him in his crib for the first time today, all swaddled up in This swaddle, but with hands free cause baby loves his hands.  

  As you can see, he’s stretching out like crazy to fill all the space. I can’t believe how tall he is at just three weeks old, but this swaddle can be expanded to fit as he grows luckily. And he keeps growing! My husband is positive he got bigger between when he left for work and came home. With the amount of eating he did… I wouldn’t be surprised…

All items c/o Nuroo baby

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