A Beach Affair

by lovelysimply

The whole month of July, I was terrified I’d be overdue with Baby Red and would be at my sisters wedding with a tiny newborn and no idea what I was doing yet. Luckily, our little man came on his due date and we are getting the hang of being parents now that he’s almost three weeks old. 

My sisters day started out with a trip to our local cafe for sticky buns and iced coffee, and a walk to the little supermarket down town for flowers for my sisters hair. I was so nervous because she’s asked me to do it, and I’m hardly a hair expert.  

The weather was perfection, and I wore this lace dress while wearing Red who was on his best baby behavior.

Later, while I did hair, Red played with his daddy, and it was minor mayhem with our little apartment filled with her photographer, our parents, our huge dog, my sister and her baby, and her best friend… But somehow we got out of the house dressed and ready to go for the Nubble lighthouse in York, Maine for the ceremony.

I wore this fabulous wrap dress from Nuova Vita in magenta, and sang as my sister walked towards her now husband. They were married by our dad, just like Nick and I were. It was a beautiful ceremony and the weather was perfection–not too hot, with a lovely breeze. Rain was forecast for the day, so it all felt extra special.

Afterwards, we headed to Plum Island for the reception. 

 My niece and nephew. So cute.   

I wrapped my dress a different way to make nursing easier and because my bra kept slipping out… 

 Our little guy was a champ and didn’t cry once in the whole day. We didn’t end up getting home until almost 11:00, and thankfully Red slept like, well, a baby that night because we were EXHAUSTED. All in all, it was a perfect day. And weddings always make me love my husband even more. 


 Also, those cupcakes were damn delicious. I had two because… It was the weekend and you do what you gotta do.

Outfit 1: dress: no longer available Similarish

Shoes: Sperry’s, two seasons ago

Carrier: Baby k’tan

Outfit 2

Dress: c/o Nuova vita