Baby Mama 

by lovelysimply


This past Thursday, Redmond and I made our first solo trip down to Newburyport to spend the afternoon with my family. My sister was busy prepping for her wedding (a post on that coming soon!) and my dad and stepmom were watching my darling niece Aurelia. I felt like a real mom packing the diaper bag, doing last minute baby outfit changes (spit up incident…) and getting us out the door just ten minutes behind time. This Baby t shirt from Isabella Oliver seemed pretty much perfect for the day. So comfy and soft, but still stylish and unique. I paired it with loose boyfriend jeans and my trusty Birkenstocks for a few hours strolling through town, eating ice cream, and nursing at the park until  


The Birthday cake ice cream from Grahams in Newburyport IN a pretzel cone is quite legitimately my favorite ice cream in the universe. The stuff of dreams I tell you. 

 Baby Red agrees with me. 

Shirt: c/o Isabella Oliver
Shorts: Similar these gap ones I’m wearing are sold out 

Sandals: Birkenstocks