Rocksbox and Other Things

by lovelysimply

I was pretty psyched when Rocksbox reached out to me about being an ambassador because I’ve admired them and wanted to get the subscription for a while. But, you know, new baby means no fancy jewels for mama… Because, diapers.   

It’s a pretty fun little treat to have arrive in your mailbox, and it’s only 19$ per month which is a real deal if you aren’t saving every penny for a precious baby boy haha. Anyhow, you get to create a wishlist (I had this gorgeous necklace on mine) then they compile a fun trio of pieces based on your taste. I love delicate pieces with the occasional statement option so this was pretty perfect for me. If you like something you can buy it, or you can mail it all back (free!) and get more goodies. 


As a fun piece of trivia, (not really ) these close ups were real scary for me since I don’t wear make up on my face (lip color/mascara/occasional eyeliner is it… I hate having any sort of foundation on my skin). But sometimes I can be brave. 


I love the delicacy if the zigzag bracelet which looks like a lightening bolt which reminds me of Harry Potter which is the best thing ever. The earring are so delicate they didn’t really photograph, so just imagine them.

In closing, if you want to join the fun, you can use the code simplyhannahjoyxox for a month free to try it out. 

I’m recuperating today from a long night in the ER for heavy bleeding… I had some placenta and tissue left over in there that they had to remove. I’ve never been put under before and I was terrified and crying. Baby Red came with us and we were there from 1 am to 5:30 or so, and he took his bottle, had two diaper changes, barely made a peep, and slept through all the scary parts. I kept just saying how glad I was that it was me on the table, not my baby. Today I feel tired, weak, but better. We are praying that I don’t get an infection from it all…so if you pray please do, or think good thoughts or just cross you fingers for me. I’m sick of the hospital!

Luckily I have this face to keep my spirits oh so high!

Blue dress: I can’t find the exact one here, but this one is similar: Forever21

Tan silver slides: on sale for 12$!! Payless shoes

Romper: sold out from Forever 21

Blue sandals : super old