Smuttynose with a Spotted (gigantic) Bump

by lovelysimply

My husband and I love brew tours. I actually don’t like beer really (give me a cocktail every time thanks) but I still enjoy them, plus I love free anything and you get lots of samples. My dad also loves beer tours (and beer) so we try to save them for his visits. Lucky for us, Maine and New Hampshire are packed with craft breweries.  

I felt particularly energetic (seeing as I’m due this week) on Saturday and after our morning walk, I managed to find a dress that would fit me in my closet (really hard these days) and we headed off to Smuttynose Brewery. It’s a super popular beer in New England and one of Nicks favorites, plus they just turned a Victorian farmhouse on the property into a restaurant which happens to be run by our neighbor so we were psyched.  

They gave out plentiful samples (I got water…), the tour was great, and we bought my baby niece an adorable Smuttynose onsie so it was a pretty good time.   

As a side note, I really hope Baby R gets his daddies gorgeous blue eyes but I have a feeling that the super powerful brown eyed McBride gene will reign supreme…


I really liked all the speckled seals…

I kept comfortable in flats and this off the shoulder Asos dress (non maternity but sold out). It was a pretty hot day, but the grounds were gorgeous.

This is the antique trailer pictured on the beer bottle labels.

 There were also two old barns that they’re turning into event halls for weddings.    

We wrapped up our afternoon with an AMAZING lunch at the brewery restaurant and then headed home after a pit stop at trader joes on the way. I was a tired Hugely Pregnant girl by the end of the day, but it was such a perfect Saturday. 

Sunday I felt soooo sick and had a fever, so we actually went to the hospital for a stress test to make sure baby was all right. He was happy as a clam in there and spend most the 20 minutes kicking the monitor…so we were sent home. Which was strangely devastating even though I knew it would probably happen. I just want to meet this little one so badly! But, we are soaking in our time together (nick and I) and I truly am so lucky to have a husband whom I love so deeply. Baby will come.