Well Heeled with Sole Serum

by lovelysimply

I don’t wear heels all that often because I have a tall complex. I think, because I grew up in Thailand where I towered over pretty much everyone, at just under 5’8, I feel like I’m about six feet tall.   

My husband is 6’2 so I really have nothing to worry about…but still I tend towards flats. Every so often though, I like to throw on a good pair of heels, especially for a night out, and needless to saaaaay… My feet aren’t terribly accustomed. Which is why I was thrilled to try out Sole serum.   

It comes in lotion form, and you rub a few pumps on your feet, wait for it to dry, then put on your shoes and enjoy your day. Or night in my case.



Since I’m Super Pregnant my feet are even more sensitive and I lasted from 6:00 (when we left our house) till 11:30 (when we got back from Salem) and that included a good length walk from our car, through town on cobblestones to the restaurant for our friends birthday.

So I’d say it works! Plus the packaging is cute and I love me some cute packaging.


Anyway. Try it out if you love to wear heels or love to wear heels sometimes but hate to hurt your feet. Meanwhile, back in Maine we continue to await Baby R. I don’t know if my stomach can handle to grow any larger so I hope he comes soon…

Happy weekend!

Dress: Tj maxx (old)

Shoes: Tj maxx (old)

Sole serum c/o Sole serum 

Bag: faux Chanel , consign trilogy