Waiting for Baby+Nursery Tour

by lovelysimply

  so, it’s just about time for this baby to come out and I am beyond ready. I know I shouldn’t complain, because this pregnancy has been a breeze… But I’m going to indulge a little bit. Up until this past week I have felt amazing. I had no morning sickness, no back pain, no sleepless nights to speak of, no mood swings… But the lack of sleep is here now. I feel nauseous when I eat (which doesn’t stop me…). It’s hot and humid (which I love, but my feet were swollen yesterday) and I have carpal tunnel in my right hand which means I wake up about every 45 minutes in pain/having to pee… I guess it’s ok because I know that he WILL be here soon. It just doesn’t feel like it. I also feel so large and heavy…and like I just keep getting larger and heavier.

Anyway. Despite very little sleep last night I have lots of energy today and had a good workout and doggy walk. I did all KINDS of box jumps and squats, lunges, Zumba, and a mile run. Anything to speed this baby along! Today we are beating the heat by heading to our river to swim, because it is so steamy in New England for this super pregnant woman.

Also, along with my giant baby bump, here is a little nursery tour. 

 Nick spent hours sanding, building, and painting babies crib. It is gorgeous, but made more so because of the time and love he put into it.   

I made the ribbon mobile with soft greys and blues and some burlap thrown in for good measure. His quilt is from Little unicorn and covered in foxes and tepees. I am OBSESSED with it. 

We found his changing table at an antique store in Newburyport, and Nick painted it white to match our white and grey color scape. Nick also built the little hook shelf for his tiny clothes. The beautiful cupboard up on the wall was found at another antique shop in Dover, and all his bitty shoes are inside.

 We have been keeping the room as minimal as possible, so the fox print was the perfect finisher for the bare wall. A dear friend of ours is a graphic designer and she made it for is. Babies book collection is growing as well, and I love the simple shelf Nick put up to display them.  

 Baby will be sleeping in this bassinet for his first few weeks in our room. Minus the sheepskin which is just for show. I’ll be using that for his playmat when he’s ready. We left the daybed in his room as well for guests since we live in a two bedroom apartment. 

It has been so much fun setting up his nursery with Nick. It’s such a peaceful, soothing space and I hope baby loves it as much as we do. Also, I hope he gets here soon!!! Enjoy your weekend folks. Pray that he comes before Monday!