Adventures on the North Shore

by lovelysimply

Nick and I lived on the north shore of Massachusetts through college (before we met) and then after as well. We met and then later started dating a year after I graduated (he finished a year before me) and he moved up to Maine, but I stayed in Salem until we got married in 2012. Needless to say, we love the north shore and have a lot of happy memories from those days. Annnnnnnnyway. Sunday was super hot and gorgeous, so after an early morning run, we packed ourselves up (including Lupe, our pup) and headed to the coast.  


First, we stopped at a flea market and browsed around. I bought a sweet pink vintage dress for just ten dollars. Can’t wait to wear it after this baby is out!   I loved all the colors of this display. 

I actually bought this pink, vintage shift dress at the same flea market years ago. I was thrilled that it fit over my ever expanding 38 week bump…and I felt like Anne of Green Gables with my straw hat. 

 We continued on to Rockport, which I’d actually never really explored. Lot was extra fun since it was all new and so gorgeous! I loved this ridiculously cute house RIGHT on the water. If anyone just wants to gift us a place like this I won’t say no…   

We stopped at a dog friendly cafe called Helmuts Strudel for coffee and, you guessed it, strudel. It was so freaking good. We got a sweet cheese one and an apricot almond one to split between the four of us (nick, myself, my dad, and my stepmom) and Lupe licked up the crumbs.  


We worked our strudel off with a long, very careful walk out to the point of this rocky…point. Lupe went swimming. I wanted to wade, but Nick was terrified to have me climb down to the shore so I didn’t do it.

 We had a late lunch at The Lobster Pool, another dog friendly establishment. I hate lobster, so stuck with clam chowder (again) and a few bites of Nicks fried calamari. My dad did steamers (ew) and step-mom did a lobster roll (her obsession.) My chowder was amazing- full of clams bits and potatoes and not too creamy–a good balance of briney broth. I loved it.   

We wrapped up the day in Newburyport with my sister and her little family and a stop at my favorite ice cream place IN THE WORLD, Graham’s. Per usual, I got their homemade birthday cake ice cream with a pretzel cone (heaven) and hot fudge because that’s what Baby R wanted to add. 

Sorry for the longest post ever with way too many pictures, but it was such a perfect day. One I’ll remember for a long time. 

Outfit details: 

Hat, sold out, similar Here

Dress: vintage 

Shoes: forever 21 (old)

Purse: c/o Consign Trilogy (find her on Instagram, she does mail order!)