Adventures in Freeport

by lovelysimply

One of my favorite things about my dads yearly visit from Thailand is being able to play tourist with him and his wife around Maine. We had a busy long weekend with them, starting in Freeport on Friday where the L.L. Bean Mecca is. I kept it comfortable in a super stretchy non-maternity dress from t.j.maxx, and converse sneakers. We were on our feet for most of the day (plus I cardio kick boxed in the morning!) so I was glad I stuck with comfy shoes.   

We ate lunch at an old tavern in town. Lobster rolls all around minus me because, gross. I had clam chowdah.


   I really wanted to eat a donut but saved space for a Maine whoopie pie instead. Because they were invented here (in Bar Harbor they say). It was the right choice. 


Gap has some killer sales, and I nabbed some cute baby clothes as well as some dresses/rompers that  will work for breast feeding. I am getting so excited to wear regular clothes again.

The bump is seriously feeling huge, even though it’s measuring exactly where it should which means baby boy must be very average sized. Now that he could basically come any day, it feels like he never will. It’s hard to conceptualize it happening, so it just feels like it won’t. You know? If that makes any sense…

Anyways. I hope you all had a great weekend! And that Monday has been kind to you.