Boho Mama + Things Not to Say to a Very Pregnant Woman

by lovelysimply

So, I have most definitely been having a harder time feeling cute lately. At what adds up to nine months pregnant, I usually just feel gigantic. But, the other day I got my enormous belly into this gorgeous maxi dress/skirt from Triple Thread and this tank from them as well which is sooo soft, and felt slightly better.  

I feel like a lot of people don’t see extremely pregnant women often…though I don’t know why that is exactly and maybe I’m wrong… But I wonder if people just don’t know what to say to us but feel compelled to say something. For the most part, people say the sweetest things but now and then…

So here’s a roundup of things that a very pregnant woman doesn’t ever want to here. Or at least this one doesn’t. (Please note I am mostly joking and have not gotten truly upset about any of this.)

1. Wow, look at that belly!

Ok, this is a minor one but unless you insert the word “beautiful” or “adorable” into that sentence, don’t look at my belly. 

2. I guess it’s too late to say DON’T DO IT!

Yes, it is too late and why would you say that to me?

3. When are you due? Three whole weeks?? You look like you are ready to pop NOW!

Oh, thanks.

4. WOW you are pregnant. Or you’d better be.

Good thing I am or that would have been awkward. Also thank you for pointing it out, I wondered why I had this huge weight gain in my stomach. 

5. How are you feeeeeeeeeeeeeling?

I’m fine thanks, how are you? I’m pregnant, not an invalid.

These are really the worst ones to me. Generally people are so incredibly kind and supportive but it takes all kinds I guess.

What things did/do you other mama’s hate hearing when pregnant? 

Tank top and skirt c/o Triple thread co

Sunglasses : forever 21 (old)

Sandals: Target