Hospital Packin’

by lovelysimply

So, we are about two weeks out from baby boys arrival. At least we hope. Some days I feel like he will be a little early, other days I am terrified he will never emerge. I have frequent bouts of Braxton hicks, but nothing more yet. Still, we are ready to go to the hospital at any moment! I read a lot about what on earth to pack for my own and babies hospital bags and it was pretty overwhelming. And expensive. So, I tried to narrow down mine with the things that seemed essential for our comfort. I have a separate (gorgeous) diaper bag packed for him, and then my things in another so it will be easy to find our stuff. His is a lot cuter and more fun than mine (because massive maxi pads aren’t SO nice) so I’ll start with his.  

 First off, this insanely beautiful diaper bag is from Little Unicorn and I could not be more in love with it. I got it at my baby shower and have been hard pressed not to use it early but have held out.   

You  For Baby R, I have diapers, wipes, and his non toxic lotions from Ava’s non toxic skincare line which I probably won’t be using since his newborn skin will be just perfect. I packed all that stuff in one of these pretty fabric pouches, and in the other I have his tiny socks and mittens so he doesn’t scratch himself up. I’ve got a changing pad as well as a swaddle and a soft blanket. And then I packed a few outfit options… Short sleeve onesies in size NB and 0-3 months depending on his size with tiny shorts for if its hot out, as well as a long sleeve option with pants and a hat for if its chilly, since in Maine you never know.   

 For my bag, I tried to keep it simple since the hospital will provide plenty of necessities and I’m fine with poncing around in the oh-so-glamourous hospital robes. In the zip locks I have:

Mini toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, Chapstick, make up wipes, and waterproof mascara.

Granola bars (soft ones and crunchy ones), and chewing gum.

Super sexy maxi pads, nursing pads, two nursing bras, underwear I don’t mind throwing away/burning (jk), my girdle which I probably won’t be wearing right away but just in case, a cute nightie from Target that will work for nursing, two pairs of slipper socks, and a button down loose fit dress for going home. I’ll be adding my breast pump once we pick it up, some magazines/light reading, and my phone charger. 

I told Nick he was on his own, so if he packs nothing and has to run around in a hospital gown that is on him.

 I can’t wait till we get to grab and go! I am truly SO EXCITED for labor. And to lay our little bundle against my skin for the first time and think… We made this! We made this precious little human.