Long Summer weekends

by lovelysimply

  Because of our schedules, nick and I have a lot more free time this summer than we have had in the past and it is amazing! During the school year we are so, so busy, and are lucky to get one full day a week together. But this year, we are beyond fortunate and weekends are much longer. 

I spent Thursday afternoon with my sister and my niece who is almost one. Can’t believe how FAST time goes. It seems like were just waiting (and waiting and waiting) at the hospital for her to arrive… And now we are waiting on her cousin! Her cuteness is too much to handle.   
  I wore this cut out maxi for the day with them. I bought this a few years ago at Marshalls, and I love it with this 9 month bump!  
And of course I added my Ilado Paris necklace to it. I recently did an interview with them on their site all about my pregnancy if you’re interested in checking it out!   

Friday we did laundry (always an event because we are like college students and do it at a laundromat…no washer/dryer in our apartment). We treat it like a date, and have a lot of fun together (Nick and I). Good thing Baby R has a huge wardrobe…otherwise we’d be there on the daily once he’s here…

We went for pizza after per tradition. I wore this tank top from Triple thread co to combat the humidity. It was soooo humid and I was a seriously sweaty mama to be.    
  Saturday we went to a concert in the park in Portsmouth and didn’t photograph anything because sometimes you just ain’t got time for that. 

   Sunday was above 90 degrees, so we got up super early and got donuts and breakfast sandwiches at our favorite spot in Wells.  
  Then we spent hours and hours at the beach. Maine ocean is so flipping cold but we were hot enough to spend most the day in the water. I LOVE heat, and the chilly sea kept my feet from swelling up thankfully. There were thousands of people on the enormous stretch of beach, and it was the best. Even though at the end of the day we were both sun tired and dehydrated… Worth it.  
Tonight we are seeing Princess Bride on the park, and tomorrow my dad arrives from Thailand. I’m a happy girl.