Cape Days

by lovelysimply

Last week we spent four days in Dennis port, on cape cod. We go every summer, and I and my dad before me grew up spending long hot days at family cottages. It’s a tradition that I’m so glad to bring nick into, and he is pretty happy about it too. So here is a little recap. 

We got down to the cape good and early and stopped for breakfast here. Bagel sandwich for him, fruit bowl for me.  
  First: sock tan. Hilarious. Second: searching for sea glass is a lot more fun with a partner. We found a few pieces on our long morning stroll.  
This was our view while we ate breakfast at an outdoor cafe with my grandparents. I got scrambled eggs with THE best homefries and sausage. We were full till dinner.

My bump is finally big enough for this shirt! We stopped to take a photo here on a morning coffee/muffin run solely because I loved the mint green. Nick is a trooper.

Nick loves our little cousins…if that’s what my cousins babies would be to us. They are the best and he usually spends hours playing with them all. He will be an amazing dad.

  And of course… This belly! Loved being able to get some heavily sun screened sun on the bump. Also, definitely reaching the point where barely any clothing fits, I won’t buy more (because in three weeks hopefully I won’t need it) and bikinis are by far the most comfortable option. Too bad it isn’t socially acceptable to conduct all my business in them… 

All in all it was a perfect mini vacation. We loved spending time with my family–we ate lots of good food, laughed till our bellies hurt, and got nice and tan from days spent at the beach. We took morning runs and long walks, slept with the cool ocean air blowing in our little window, and talked of bringing our baby boy with us next time, which obviously made us so giddy with the excitement. 

Luckily, we live 15 minutes from the beautiful southern Maine beaches. So we went twice last week and will for sure be there tomorrow when temperatures reach the 90s. I’ll just be sitting in the water I imagine with my gigantic belly. Enjoy your weekend!