3 weeks and counting…

by lovelysimply

 So. In three weeks I could be holding my baby boy.  Or maybe not. Maybe it will be four weeks. Or, God forbid, five…I am SUCH a planner that The “up in the air-ness” of childbirth is hard for me. I want to know when my baby will be here. And I’m drinking the raspberry tea, eating the dates, and exercising daily to try to help him along but who knooooowwssss. 

That being said, I feel like I’ve sailed through pregnancy thus far, but I can tell the next few weeks will be tough. I feel so large (I almost don’t know how my frame is supporting this gigantic belly but it is!) and slow. I get up three times a night to use the bathroom which, since I’m a light sleeper isn’t that hard… And since I have to climb up a flight of stairs each time, I try to comfort myself with the extra exercise…

Speaking of which, I’m still managing four days of hard cardio, and two days of walks or hikes a week though I have slowed down in my classes. Everyday I count as a win though. 

My hands go numb a lot due to poor circulation which I hate since I’m a piano player. And we had a little scare at our past midwife appointment since I gained six pounds in two weeks. I have been real gradual with weight gain up till this, and have been eating well ( with the occasional treat) and am very active so I was freaked out. But they said since my blood pressure is great, I am ok. Also baby boys heart rate was a little low, though it did go up once the midwife moved him around a bit. But it was still sort of a scary appointment, so I cancelled all of my piano duties, and am on maternity leave now. My husband wants me close by, and without the commute I can stay on my feet more (and recline at the beach more). 

My dad and stepmom come next week and I am so excited to see them! It’s been nearly a year (they live in Thailand) and I miss them like crazy! So July is going to be a good month as long as I keep busy so I don’t lose my mind with so much free time. Trying to enjoy every day. Summer doesn’t last long here in Maine, and it’s my favorite season so every day counts!