Sunny Pink Bump

by lovelysimply







   Today it is raining like crazy out, and I have a grumpy, cabin fevered dog on my hands… But this past weekend, it was sunny and the temperatures were Perfect (with a capital P) and I wore this stunning Nuova Vita dress, and we wandered through gorgeous gardens along the Salmon Falls River and my husband played photographer. I don’t typically wear bright pink, but this piece may have converted me. It’ll be perfect for my sisters wedding in August, and I can wrap it in a way to be easy for nursing. Because our little boy will be with us by then!! 
Tomorrow we are getting up at 4 am to head down to Cape Cod for the 4th. Partially to try to avoid the slew of New Englanders, and partially (mostly) to get a full beach day since its going to be warm and sunny tomorrow. Seeing as I get up one hundred times a night to pee, it shouldn’t be a challenge to wake up early. 

It is an annual mini vacation, and lots of my extended family will be there, and we can’t wait. We start counting down usually sometime around February… I wish I were kidding BUT I’m a million percent serious…

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend if you’re in the states, and drink some booze for me! 

Dress: Nuova vita c/o