Feathered Bump

             So, right now it is 48 degrees and raining. Yes, it is June second. No, I’m not happy about it. I hate cold and I hate rain and I know that the flowers need it but…can we just be done now? I guess the real question is, why do I live in Maine…

But it was 90 on Saturday, and sunny, and really I love New England. I do. After my day of piano on Saturday, I came home tired and hot (but happy because I like being hot) and felt too lazy to make dinner. Plus, I was wearing this adorable fitted feather dress from Triple thread co and felt like I should take it out on the town. So, we did our favorite cheap date (money saving is in HIGH GEAR with baby just 8 weeks away) and got pizza at  La Festa in Dover. I used to honestly not be a huge pizza person, but baby has changed that… We don’t eat it that much but I ALWAYS want it. Afterwards, we got soft serve at a cute little ice cream place, and it was a perfect date night. I’m so happy that this stretchy dress skims over my ever growing bump so well…because little man is putting on pounds in there!
Anyway. I hope the weather is better wherever you are. The end.

Dress: c/o Triple thread co

Purse: target

Shoes: forever 21 (last summer)