These Days…

by lovelysimply

               I cannot tell a lie. I love this pup, but she is driving me craaaaazzzzzyyyyy lately. My husband works long days, so her walking/running/everything schedule tends to fall to me on weekdays due to my more lenient schedule. Which is fine. Except I think she sees me just as her exercise slave…and nothing else. Needy is an understatement. I’m sure she senses the baby coming and is anxious, and we try to put her at ease, but it is what it is. My patience is tried, and being almost 9 months pregnant doesn’t help. I love her. But I’m more than an exercise slave. Aaaaaannnnnyway.

   This top from Triple Thread Co is perfect for my ever expanding belly. It’s something totally different for me style wise, and I love that. Also, I bought these cut offs last year a few sizes too big so I could have some slouchy, boy friends shorts and I’m glad I did so I don’t have to invest now in maternity ones. I am trying to only buy things that I can wear after baby/that I can nurse in. Because now that’s what I’m thinking about… Oh how times change. 
Anyway, sorry for the rambling rant but it’s one of those daaaaaayyyyysss. 

Shirt: c/o Triple thread co

Necklace:c/o Ilado Paris

Sandals: Birkenstocks

Shorts: thrifted

Hat: tj maxx