Saturday in the Park

by lovelysimply

                 I wore this maxi dress/skirt from Triple thread on Saturday for an afternoon stroll through the park with Nick and our dog. The sun was warm, and it felt so wonderful to be with my little family. The thought that in just over seven weeks, we will be adding a tiny baby boy to our number made it even lovelier. Afterwards, we binged on Game of Thrones with my sister and ate ice cream from THE best place in Newburyport. It was crowded downtown, so my husband dropped me at the parlor while he went to find parking. I ordered three ice creams (for us and my sis) and then realized I didn’t know where he’d parked and didn’t have my phone. So there I was, a pregnant lady standing on a very busy sidewalk clutching three cones that were dripping everywhere just giggling. My husband found me covered in ice cream, but it was worth every sticky drop.