32 week update 

by lovelysimply


32 weeks pregnant. 8 months along. Because, let’s be honest, pregnancy is a ten month situation give or take a few days. It’s hard to believe because I still feel like I just got pregnant, just told my husband with the excitement built up so high in me. And in 8 weeks, I’ll be holding our precious son. I hope. If he’s on time. 

I feel great still. Heartburn aside, I have no negative symptoms. I have been eating arugula salad with chicken , strawberries, apricots, apples, and fig balsamic every day for lunch. My newest obsession.

My feet don’t hurt yet, and I have no swelling. I’ve been able to keep up with all my exercise six days a week. I do have to do my burpees on a bench now, cause my belly gets in the way.

My energy is high still. I sleep well, and baby kicks throughout the day but calms down at night for which I’m grateful. He stays out of my ribs too, for which I’m grateful. 

I feel a little bit more needy lately due to the hormones, and the chilly weather hadn’t been helping. But summer is returning next week and my baby shower is in 10 days and there is so much (so very much) to be thankful for.