threads from triple threads 

by lovelysimply


This time of the year in New England always reminds me of why I actually am willing to tolerate the god awful winters we get. It’s sunny almost every day lately, and warmer all the time. This week is supposed to stay in the high 80s and that is music to my ears. Or eyes, since I saw it on my weather app obviously. Yesterday, we took an afternoon walk along the river with our pup. She is my favorite creature. I never liked dogs much before her, but I am crazy about Lupe. We have been making sure to have her spend lots of time with my baby niece, and our friends little ones to get her used to infants. She loves playing with the neighborhood children, and I know she will be a good doggie sister to baby R. 
Also, I’m loving this soft, loose, lilac shirt from triplethreadco. They sent me a fabulous package of their lovely items, and I can’t wait to wear them all! And, they are going to be perfect for nursing baby. I’ve started trying to collect only things that i can wear post baby since he will be here in hopefully less than ten weeks. So crazy!!