Sunday in Coastal Maine

by lovelysimply


My husband and I spend 6 days a week at our various duties. Sometimes we get Saturday afternoon together, but until Summer vacation starts (one more month!) Sunday’s are our one precious day. So we tend to try to do something with them. Yesterday was an especially good one. Breakfast in bed, a long sunny hike with our doggy girl… Then lunch at Congdons Donuts in Wells Maine ( the obsession is through the roof!!) and a long walk through Kennebunkport. Maine is a beautiful state, and I feel so lucky to be near so many lovely areas. We had our mini honeymoon in a gorgeous b&b in kennebunkport two and a half years ago, and going back carrying our sweet baby boy in my belly made the day that much lovelier. The tulips were blooming, and my heart was full. I wore one of my favorite dresses from Old Navy. It’s not maternity, but it totally works with my almost 30 week bump. 

    It’s the end of a very long Monday now, and I’m waiting for my man to get home and already dreaming of next weekend. 

Dress: Old Navy

Hat: Forever 21

Shoes: forever 21 (old)

Purse: Trilogy Consignment